January is a very introspective month for me. With the cold weather, the shorter days, my social cup full from all the activities in December, and the beginning of a New Year; I tend to ponder a lot of things this time of year, spending more time journaling and in prayer and meditation.

I will admit that I love the quietness of January, I love the cold, I love the time considering who I currently am and how I’m living my life. It’s good for my soul to do regular re-evaluations and to consciously make new choices. 

This January has brought an abundance of opportunities to remember my mistakes. Things I’ve said that I sure wish I hadn’t. People I hurt, whether intentional or not. Stupid, foolish choices I’ve made that in hindsight were a big huge DUH. It hasn’t been my favorite introspective January (really who wants to spend time remembering their less than stellar moments?) but it has been full of opportunities. I have the opportunity to make amends – internally and externally, when possible. I have the opportunity to forgive myself; and most importantly I have the opportunity to try harder to be the kind of person I really want to be.  

Now if you and I were sitting over a cup of coffee and you shared with me what I just shared with you, my comment would probably be; “You haven’t made any more mistakes and blunders than the rest of us.”  And I do believe that’s true but for me mistakes are learning opportunities; otherwise they’re just blunders on our path. I personally would rather spend time remembering my mistakes, working through them, and learning from them so that hopefully when faced with something similar in the future I make a better choice and can go to sleep that night knowing I was truly the person I wanted to be.

So how about you, any mistakes tapping you on the shoulder wanting to get your attention and help you grow? Anything you want to make amends for? Any new choices you’d like to make? 

This is a great time of year to do these things and have an even cleaner slate to move through the rest of 2011.  And by the way… if there are any of you reading this newsletter that I’ve hurt for any reason – something I said, something I did, something I should have said or done – then please accept my apology. And if you’d like to talk it through I’m completely willing, just call or email me


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