We are heading into February, the month of LOVE! It can be a hard month for some, a month of BIG expectations for others, and a blip on the radar screen for some. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, use February to enhance the love in your life.

Too often we think in black and white - I either get to celebrate this month with an intimate partner or I don't. Well I'm proposing that we all use February to simply love more. No matter where you are and what's happening in your life, there is a great opportunity to simply love. Love what is. Love your friends. Love your peace and quiet. Love your pets. Love your parents. Love the snow fall or the sunshine. Love yourself.

Love with an open heart and a willingness to shine. Share who you are with all those around you and grow the love in your heart. February doesn't have to be a daunting month, it can simply be a reminder to love more!

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