I've never been one to "swim with the crowd" but this week has left me feeling like I'm alone in the ocean. Ok that's an exaggeration but not many in my circle are as enthralled with the Royal Wedding as I am.
Honestly I'm not certain why it's tapping me the way it is, but I figure why fight it, why not just roll with it and enjoy the moment.
So that's what I'm doing - I'm rolling with my excitement, my wonder, and my joy at the whole thing and letting myself get swept away. I'm enjoying guessing what Kate's dress will look like, what it's like to be in London right now, what little surprises will unfold on Friday. I'm enjoying hearing the story of their relationship, their backgrounds, and the reminiscing about Diana's Wedding.
Truth be told, I'm having fun with it all - and yes, I'll be up at 3:30 am to watch it live on TV.
 You know I have a tendency to get this wrapped up in tragic news like the earthquake and tsunami in Japan - and I'm finding it a welcome change to be swept up on positive news instead. So laugh at me if you want, I'm having a good time and I hope whatever you're doing you're having a good time too!

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