I just read this on a friends facebook post and thought it worthy of repeating:

Sometimes people show up in our lives to compliment our greatness... And sometimes people show up to challenge and teach us about the value of authenticity and how we would never choose to show up!

There have been many people in my life in both categories. I must admit I absolutely LOVE the ones that compliment my greatness. They are the souls I love just because of who they are. Some of them I never see or hear from, but they've made a permenant mark on my journey and I am forever grateful for their presence in my life.

The latter group - the ones that teach me.. - well they may not elicite fond happy memories but they have definitely changed me. They've shown me how I don't want to live, they've taught me to stand for myself, they've forced me to be a better me. And for these folks I am also forever grateful. Because the truth is I wouldn't be the person I am today without both kinds of people in my life.

May you treasure your journey and all the people on it, now and always.

Happy Holidays!


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