I'm not a fan of Halloween, never have been. It's one holiday that I have no desire to participate in and really don't understand what all the fuss is about. That coupled with the fact that I've had some weird stuff happen on Halloween and I don't need or enjoy the feeding frenzy on candy.

Now I am a parent so when my kids were little I dug deep within myself and made Halloween a fun holiday. I made sure they had costumes, went trick-or-treating, and did what we could to enjoy the moment. Now that they're teenagers, my attitude is: if you want to celebrate, go for it, just don't include me.  And I'm not a complete curmudgeon; I do turn on my porch light and pass out candy to the neighbors. But that to me is where Halloween needs to begin and end.

I'm sure most people think it's fun to put on a costume and wear a different persona for a night - which seems harmless enough. But I still can't wrap my head around all of it. I guess, what stumps me is that I see people wearing masks and costumes everyday, trying to be a certain way or live up to other peoples expectations, so Halloween seems like a holiday for something we do all the time. 

I know it's probably crazy thinking but I just want people to be authentically themselves - all the time. And is a costume and the whole hoopla really a part of that?  Maybe for some it is and I'm willing to accept that. Maybe being truly authentic is putting on a costume and completely enjoying the day. Perhaps having permission to act a little silly and cut loose a bit. For me being authentic is not putting on a costume and pretending that I enjoy Halloween. I guess we all need to express our authenticity in different ways, maybe that's what Halloween reminds me every year.  


I am also the huge fan of Halloween but i never participated in it last time i was willing to take a part in it but due to some work i can't and i love the Halloween costumes.

04/03/2016 00:49

I'm not a fan of Halloween too...

05/02/2016 00:57

Everybody has the need to feel that they have a crucial role to play within the team.

05/08/2016 05:16

Why not? I am a big fan of this day.

11/21/2016 01:20

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