I have a new favorite quote:
Learning to Trust God seems to require learning to stop relying on myself so much!

I love this quote because it's made me stop and remember that the only way there is room for God's help is if I stop orchestrating and planning every moment of my life. There has got to be some factor of the unknown in order for God to be able to perform miracles. And yet, living in the unknown is probably one of my greatest challenges. So for this month, I'm practicing. Practicing not planning everything, practicing trusting that God will support me, practicing living in the unknown. Wish me luck!


Charlene Bragg
03/29/2011 09:23

I love that quote as well Jerilyn!!
What a relief to know "I" do not have to figure it all out. And, how much smoother everything seems to go when we let go of the struggle that usually goes with trying to "make" something happen.

09/30/2015 00:13

It helps to blossom a person’s perspective and outlook on various fields of life using his observation and analytical skills.

03/13/2016 09:46

Great post!


Oh, that quote is my new favourite too! Great!

05/30/2016 00:47

I'm practicing not planning everything too!

09/26/2016 23:11

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