It's Halloween - the holiday I don't understand and don't want to understand. What I do want to do is skip the darn thing.
When my kids were little I did enjoy the cute costumes and the school parties. Taking them trick-or-treating seemed like a rite of passage as a parent. Something you endure and make the most of.

Now that my kids are 16 and 18 - I'm ready to just jump right past this holiday. My preferance would be to go from Amber's birthday on the 17th to November 1st.

So why my aversion to the holiday? One - I don't understand it. Two - it's designed to be a scary holiday and I don't like to be scared. Three - some of my friends have been hurt on this holiday and this a just not ok. And four - people act weird when they put on a costume and personally I think we all act weird enough wearing regular clothes - why amplify it.

I really try my best not to be a drag for others who enjoy the holiday but for me it's not a fun way to spend the beautiful month of October. I'll never be a fan of Halloween, until I have grandkids to be cute and innocent with.  


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